How we move your shipments:

Peterbuilt Semi-Trucks We operate Peterbilt tractors that are well-maintained by certified mechanics within our shop facility.
Refrigerated Trailers Our state-of-the-art refrigerated trailers are designed to carry perishable freight at specific low temperatures.
We have both 48-foot and 53-foot dry vans to transport your non-perishable freight.
We also use curtain vans for loads that do not require temperature controlled environments. The curtains contain load retaining straps which, when released, can be pulled back to allow a forklift to be used for easy and efficient side loading and unloading.

Products we ship:

Our refrigerated trailers will keep your produce at the correct temperature to maintain optimum levels of product freshness.
Ice cream, frozen fruit & vegetables, and processed frozen foods are transported in our temperature and climate controlled refrigerated trailers to ensure your product’s quality.
We can transport your non-perishable freight that is palletized or will fit into a 53’ trailer.
So timber or forest products are your game. We can ship plywood, lumber, logs and more.
Our drivers are experienced and certified to safely and securely transport your hazardous materials.